Q & A

Question: The $100 pickup and delivery - does that include the repair of the computer or just the transportation?


Answer: The $100 covers the pickup, repair & delivery of the computer. I will setup the computer and let you logon to verify the completed work.

Question: What area do you service? 

Answer: Normally within 30 minutes drive time, Clay, Duval and St. John's counties. However I do meet clients with over an hour drive time at strategic locations such as Best Buy on Blanding Blvd for pickup and provide a $25 discount. This is negotiable and determined during the initial time of the request.

Question: What's your background or where you've worked or any Certifications since you'll be working on my computer?

Answer: I have over 35 years experience with both private & public organizations such as the Jacksonville Haskell Company, CSX, and DOD agencies working on assorted Windows and Unix systems, software, cable wiring, and maintaining computer servers. I currently support a local private company’s servers & workstations. I’m Security + certified and completed certificates for both Unix Administration and Cyber Security. 

Question: General expectation of how long you'll have my computer?

Answer: Normally two day turn-a-round. However it depends on the nature of the damage and/or waiting parts. All parts are paid for up front by the client. Install is free and part of the original price.